About Us

Open Risk is an independent provider of training and risk analysis tools to the broader financial services community with a strong focus on openness and standards.

The Open Risk Mission:

We help individuals and organizations improve financial risk management capabilities

Our task is to make affordable, and widely available online, the best risk management tools that will help you meet your challenges

The Vision that guides us:

The open future of risk management

Transparency reduces risk. We want to enable successful risk management and sustainable businesses through the best use of openness and transparency

Our Unique Approach

This is how we deliver our promise to you:

We bridge the technology gap faced by many businesses and individuals, in the most affordable way:

  • By supporting open source, peer reviewed, methodologies and models
  • With the effective use and production of open data
  • By promoting public risk management standards

The Tools we are providing

Our platform offers an integrated learning and application environment:

The Open Risk Academy

The Open Risk Academy is an eLearning platform offering innovative training on diverse Risk Management topics. The training platform is highly flexible to suit individual needs:

  • from self-paced crash courses that accommodate your busy schedule to organized longer courses that give you the benefit of learning together with your peers
  • targeting different levels of expertise (from introductory, to core and advanced levels)
  • with different pre-requisites (e.g., non-technical courses that do not require advanced mathematics)
  • the Academy is fully integrated with our risk analytics platform

The Open Risk Dashboard

Addressing the financial risks and opportunities facing businesses and individuals requires a comprehensive, informed and data driven approach that is widely available, easy to use and transparent in methodology. The Open Risk Dashboard is an interactive, highly visual, online resource that supports financial risk management for users across the EU area and beyond.

Our Users

We are supporting the broader risk management community:

Practitioners: Identify, quantify and manage risks using the powerful Risk Dashboard. Benchmark your compliance level using the Risk Manual.

Team Managers: Educate your teams conveniently and at a reasonable cost using powerful eLearning at the Academy

Industry Experts: Share your battle stories and wisdom – Contribute to the Risk Manual knowledge base. Join the discussion at the Risk Forum!

Regulators: Leverage the reach of new technologies for improving industry standards to better serve your mandate. Join our open source risk modelling initiatives, or contribute to the Risk Manual regulatory knowledge base

Risk Management Students: Let the community hear of your fresh ideas; Use the Risk Forum to debate; Release your research work as open source. Or apply for an internship!

Open Risk is currently in public beta testing phase. We appreciate your feedback!

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