Feedback Tools


We are currently in public beta.

This means not all parts of the site will be working as intended or there might be features yet to be added. OpenRisk is a brand new initiative and user feedback is vital for shaping our service to meet the community needs.

How you can provide feedback:

  • Direct feedback by email is most welcome!
  • Join discussions around the OpenRisk agenda at the Risk Forum
  • If you have a bit more time, you can provide more structured feedback using the OpenRisk Surveys:
    • There are several surveys covering all the different elements of OpenRisk (the Academy courses, the Commons components, the overall Platform etc)
    • Feel free to skip surveys / sections for which you do not wish to give feedback
    • These surveys are accessible from the Commons area and will be active while the platform is in beta testing.

List of Current or Upcoming Surveys

  • Overall OpenRisk Feeback Survey. Completing this survey will take circa 15 minutes of your time.
  • Academy Demo Feedback.
  • Name/Sector Concentration Courses (Available after first testing sessions close)